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At SCHEIBE ACCOUNTING LLP, we are committed to providing efficient, expert tax and accounting solutions to businesses and individuals.

Our primary services include accounting, payroll services that include web payroll with direct deposit, individual and business tax return preparation, financial statement preparation and related planning issues. SCHEIBE ACCOUNTING LLP is dedicated to serving all of your accounting and financial services needs, and we offer an array of specialty services that cater to the unique needs of our clients.

ERISA compliance is NOT an option

Is your small business ready for the close scrutiny associated with a Department of Labor (DOL) audit? Most businesses aren't! Many employers don't fully understand the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), how it impacts business and employees, and the possible risks it presents. In fact, 90-95% of employers have at least one ERISA violation because these regulations are so confusing and complex.

DOL audits are on the rise and failure to comply can be quite costly - as much as $147 per day per employee!

The DOL storm is coming. Are you ready?

In 2014 the DOL expressed their goal to audit ALL employee benefit Plans by the end of 2015. Although that didn't happen, it could soon: With increasing budgets and resources, DOL activity is hitting employers hard and only getting stronger.

A health and welfare Plan audit is a review of documents and other Plan materials to ensure Plan sponsors comply with federal law. This includes having and distributing the correct documents, and administering those documents consistent with federal laws and regulations. Can you afford to withstand an audit on your own? Enroll in the Microbusiness Compliance Suite and leave your worries behind.



XYZ Company hereby adopts for book and Federal Income Tax purposes the following policy regarding capitalization expenses for the year beginning January 1, 2014. In accordance with Internal Revenue Service Code Sections 167 and 168 and related Regulations. XYZ Company has determined that amounts whose individual cost (including tax, installation and delivery costs) does not exceed $500 will be deducted as incurred as an operating expense. Amounts exceeding this dollar limit will be examined individually to determine if their use or purpose requires capitalization under the betterment, adaptation, or restoration rules used by the Internal Revenue Service and will be capitalized or expensed as incurred as a result of the application of those rules.

Link to Rev Proc 87-56 class lives

The below items are links to You Tube videos, which discuss these new regulations. These are not the video that we discussed in our seminars (that is not available outside of my office per the speaker on that video). These videos are items that will help you understand what we spent 2 hours on during our workshops. That video can be viewed at our office, but the cost will be significantly greater as I can't utilize group settings as I did for the workshops.

Materials & Supplies in New IRS Repair Regs

Additional Info on New IRS Repair Regs

A more comprehensive video of New IRS Repair Reg


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